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  • HY-VC Standard weighing software
HY-VC Standard weighing software

HY-VC Standard weighing software

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  • Product description:

Sub constant weighing control system is Yaheng electric set many years of experience in software development, through field investigation, long time of combining several weighing professionals and site operation personnel feedback, the use of advanced development platform and the production of a weighing control management software.
Sub constant weighing control system has good safety, including boot screen full self starting, close the software that shut down the computer, weighing, weighing parameter data backup backup (import, export), failure in the system or software, can in the shortest possible time to restore. Remote diagnosis and help at the same time of the system can be obtained.
Sub constant weighing control system software interface is intuitive, simple to use, even if it is never used the computer people, after a short training, can handle very skillfully.
Sub constant weighing control system with expansion function perfect, as the network management, the process monitoring provides interface and hardware necessary preparations.
Sub constant weighing control system is your business to be very careful in reckoning good helper, is your most trusted friend, because it is your business and customers to bring the fairness, justice and credibility.

1- login system

Click the drop-down box, select the user name, enter the operator password, if the input is correct, you can smoothly enter the system, if the password is wrong, the system login window will continue until the password is correct so far.

The password is blank first times, please enter the following changes timely and properly maintained!

2- Add user

system->user management->add user

If more operators are needed to add, the following below Fig. will appear according to operation flow. First fill in user name, then password, after it you should confirm password by inputting again.

3-Delete user

system->user management->delete user

Choose the operator being deleted by mouse, then press "OK".

4- Modify Password

system->user management->modify password

If the password let out,you can modify password again.

If you forget the old password,can delete this user, then add a new user.

5- System main interface