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  • HY-LCT (New style)
  • HY-LCT (New style)
  • HY-LCT (New style)
  • HY-LCT (New style)
  • HY-LCT (New style)
HY-LCT (New style)HY-LCT (New style)HY-LCT (New style)HY-LCT (New style)HY-LCT (New style)

HY-LCT (New style)

  • 7.4V/5000mA lithium battery
  • Color screen with touch button
  • Product description:

Safety notice

 Please read this manual before using, the wrong operation will damage the indicator.


HY-LCT load cell tester is a universal portable test device, mainly for various types of analog load cells, digital load cells and on-site troubleshooting for some communication interfaces.

Suitable for the weighing service person at the scene to solve the problems, suitable for weighing sensor manufactures to make factory inspection. 

2.Main features

◆ Measure the input/output resistance, Equilibrium resistance, sensitivity, rated range and so on of the analog load cell, The sensitivity is converted to the actual weight, which is used to judge the performance of the analog load cell.

For example, zero output, stability, linearity and others parameters. More

accurate, more intuitive, eliminated the traditional by multimeter to 

measure the input and output resistance method;

◆  Read the digital load cell AD code, and conversion display actual weight, used to judge the relative performance of digital load cell,

such as the over output,stability,linearity and others parameters;

It can automatically read or set the digital load cell address, calibrate zero and calibration full capacity.(calibration function for VIP users);

◆  Test RS232 or RS485 communication.

3.Indicator Appearance


Based on T5L ASIC 3.5 Inches, 320×RGBx480, 16.7M Colors, TN screen, RTP, Standard instruction set (TA) / DGUSⅡ system

Active area

49.0mm(W) x 73.4mm(H)  320*480



Power voltage



7.4v/5200mA lithium battery



Working temperature

-20 to 70℃

Storage temperature

-30 to 85℃

External Dimension


Keystrokes Description:

(1)    Touch color screen

(2)    Mechanical button

[F1] : One-touch measurement analog load cell

[F2]: Tare for real-time output(mv/v) or load(kg)

[F3]:Return display

[ON/OFF]: Hold down for 2 seconds to turn on or off

4. Interface description

Test analog load cell

E- (Black Excitation-)

E+ (Red Excitation+)

S- (White/Yellow Signal-)

S+ (Green Signal+)

Test digital load cell

V+ (Red DC7.4V output)

E- (Black GND)

A (Green RS485A)

B (Blue RS485B)

Test RS232 port

R (Blue RS232 RXD)

T (Green RS232 TXD)

E- (Black GND)

Test RS485 port

A (Green RS485A)

B (Blue RS485B)